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Fire Damage, Remediation and Restoration Services 

Fire and water damage often go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, in the process of containing and putting out a fire, hundreds of gallons of water may have been used and will affect areas that were untouched by flames.  Water extraction and drying may be needed immediately to stop further damage.

Structural Safety and Repair.  Fire may have compromised the structural integrity of your home or business.  We can safely remove damaged components and rebuild areas that are beyond repair.  Our crews will Remove Debris and dispose of damaged and contaminated materials appropriately.

Smoke and Soot Removal is an extremely important part of the process. Smoke odors and soot can permeate the building materials and items within a structure, even in areas that were not burned, leaving behind residues that cause odor, damage materials and stain fabrics.  Soot must be removed quickly before it can further damage or stain.  Odor Removal can be obtained with the proper cleaning and professional air filtration systems once the contaminated materials are removed.

Our Full Reconstruction Division consists of highly qualified master carpenters that will bring your home back to pre loss condition.

Empire Restoration Services, LLC offers a Pack Out and Storage service to safely store contents while repairs are under way so that you can rest assured that your valuables are undamaged and secure.  You can choose on or off site storage and we’ll help unpack your stored items once restoration is complete.

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