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Basement and Crawl Space Flooding:

  1. Cracked foundations can allow ground water to enter the basement.
  2. Homes that have a water heater or washing machine in the basement can experience appliance failure floods.
  3. Water lines and waste lines can break and also flood a basement or crawl space with water or sewage.

Whatever the cause of your flood, EMPIRE can quickly pump excess water and dry the basement.
We offer a Pack Out and Store service so your contents can be stored on site or sent to a storage facility until the issue is addressed and the contents returned to their intended space.

Hundreds of gallons of water can accumulate quickly in your basement or crawlspace during storms or plumbing failures, don’t despair. EMPIRE can get the area pumped out and also help you determine what items can be salvaged and haul away what can’t if your storage areas are effected.

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