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Storm and Ground Water Flood Damage

A home that has a poorly graded yard or is in an area near natural water sources can be in danger of water flooding the basement, crawl space or even the interior of the home.   EMPIRE can quickly remove excess water and dry the property.   Acting quickly can keep you from experiencing more devastating, costly damages.

Storms can cause a multitude of home damages.   Flooding, roof and siding damage, hail damage, lightning strikes, and fires. EMPIRE offers emergency roof covers, board up service and water/sewage pumping and clean up caused by flooding, roof and siding damage, lightning strikes and fires.  

The weather can be a tricky thing to read.  Often the unexpected will happen and a forecasted rainfall of an inch or two can suddenly become a torrential downpour.  Add in strong winds and a power outage could cause sump pump failures.  When the water begins to rise, you need service and FAST.  EMPIRE is always open, all day, all night, weekends and holidays.  Emergencies will not wait for “normal” business hours, we will always be available and on call to service the needs of New Jersey homeowners. 

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